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product bigclass 3


  • Low-light mode Infrared mode Indicates the infrared automatic on/off mode
  • 微光模式:80小时红外模式:40小时
  • 无故障使用时间:10000 小时
  • Product description: This product USES as intensifier technology, is the worldwide use volume the biggest, the oldest and the most stable performance of a professional level night-vision goggles product, at present the te
Image mode Low-light mode Infrared mode Infrared automatic on/Off mode Optical parameters Focal length 0.15m(reflected in the detection report) Field Angle 40 degrees Strong light protection (reflected in the detection report) Cathode surface type S25 Objective adjustment range 0.25m- resolution 57-64 On line times 1 times 3 times 5 times 7 times night vision parameters minimum illumination 10-3lux night vision distance 400 MHZ (reflected in the test report) Performance Anti electromagnetic interference (EMI) : Continuous working time :80 hours in low-light mode :40 hours in infrared mode :40 hours High Temperature: 52 ° C (2 ° C) Low temperature -40 ° C (3 ° C) Dampness and heat resistance Yes (reflected in the test report) Impact resistance Yes (reflected in the test report) Failure-free service time 10000 hours Power supply Battery CR123(1 unit) Power supply voltage 2.0-4.2V Battery capacity 1400 mA Other parameters Bare machine dimensions 152*143*58 protection level IPX6


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