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Shenzhen east Lin industrial co., LTD. Is a set: research, development, application and promotion of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) counter technology research institutions, with international standards of product research and development center, as well as the senior information security, network security and scientific and technological personnel and experts in the field of radio communication, etc. Is China's leading uav detection identification and control system research and development production manufacturers, with independent intellectual property rights, product performance industry in the lead.
East forest industry is committed to using advanced radio cognitive decoding technology, to provide "distance warning. Identification friend or foe. Accurate positioning. The entire tracking, automatic interception. Efficient integration of control and full-time guard of low altitude defense security solutions, industrial chain covering research and development, technology, sales service, promotion, and many other aspects. Products are mainly used in: government agencies, major events, aviation airport. The judicial prison, petroleum chemical industry. Industrial infrastructure. Sports venues and other industries.
Our core values: integrity, win-win, innovation, responsibility! Look forward to working with you to create brilliant!

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